Busch & Müller Toplight Line Brake Plus


The Brake Plus is identical to the Toplight Line Plus except that it pulses when your bicycle brakes. It senses braking by the sudden dip in AC current output from the dynamo.

No wiring included. You can attach wires to the Toplight Line with 2.8mm spade connectors or a bare wire, wiring can be found here.

Toplight Line info repeated below:

The Toplight Line uses two fresnels to distribute light from two LED emitters across the entire width of the light (hence the "line") and give the light a larger visual footprint. The light housing is 92mm wide, narrow enough to fit many newer, narrow pannier racks. The Toplight, like all the dynamo tail lights I sell, has a standlight and capacitor to power the light several minutes after your bicycle has stopped moving. A related nifty feature of the Toplight Line is a small red tab (visible in the third picture) that turns the standlight off after the bicycle is parked. (I assume this a security feature, since this would signal to a savvy thief the bicycle had just been parked and the owner would be unlikely to return in the next couple of minutes, but I'm just guessing). 

The Toplight Line does not ground to the frame through either of the mounting bolts, so you'll need to run a double strand wire from you headlight to the tail light. Connection is made with 2.8mm spade connectors or bare wires, which can be inserted into "speaker" type portals and secured with a sliding switch. Both methods are secure. The mounting bolts are spaced 50mm apart and will work with all euro-type tail light mounting plates. If your rack is lacking a plate, use the single hole adapter or t-bracket.

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