Busch & Müller Toplight View Plus


The Toplight View Plus is a little less bright than the Toplight Line taillights, but the View still provides excellent visibility, with two "lines" of light at the top and bottom and a reflector in the middle. Available in standard version and a "Brake Tec" model, which pulses when you brake.

No wiring included. You can attach wires to the Toplight Line with 2.8mm spade connectors or a bare wire, wiring can be found here.

The Toplight View does not ground to the frame through either of the mounting bolts, so you'll need to run a double strand wire from you headlight to the tail light. Connection is made with 2.8mm spade connectors or bare wires, which can be inserted into "speaker" type portals and secured with a sliding switch. Both methods are secure. The mounting bolts are spaced 50mm apart and will work with all euro-type tail light mounting plates. If your rack is lacking a plate, use the single hole adapter or t-bracket. The bolts can also be moved to 80mm apart if your rack only has the 80mm holes.

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