This is the part of the website where we make a statement to convince you that you're our kind of cyclist, or we're your kind of company, and subtly let on that those other guys are, well . . . not exactly lousy, but at the very least misguided. And I gotta tell you the whole project makes me feel queasy, and knowing that even meta-talk about marketing is a kind of marketing makes me even more queasy.

All I want to say about bicycles is that the lightest, most vertically compliant hammer in the world makes a terrible bucket. 

Longleaf is a one-man bicycle workshop on an old New Hampshire dairy farm. I specialize in custom wheelbuiding and lighting systems. I build bicycles and sell parts for riders who can't find exactly what they want off the shelf.

For information on bicycle builds, please call or email. If you have any questions about about anything on the site do not hesitate to call or email.


I'm generally in 9-5 Monday through Friday. I work plenty of Saturdays during the busy seasons. As noted, this is a one-man show and I can't always be by the phone, so if I'm away during the day and you don't catch me, leave a message or send an email. 


The only paved route to the shop is from the Troy town common roundabout. From there turn north on High Street, which turns into West Hill. Through the roundabout, up High Street, which turns into West Hill. We're 2.2 miles from the common. Your mapping software may tell you otherwise, but I promise there is no direct route from the south or west that you can navigate with a street legal automobile.

If you are riding a bicycle from Keene, Jaffrey, or southwest of the shop there are more direct routes but they are barely rideable in sections. You'll want big tires. If you're determined, call or email and I'll give you some tips.

Longleaf Bicycles
417 West Hill Rd.
Troy, NH 03465

If you'd like to visit the shop, please call for an appointment so I can clear my schedule.